Game version 1.0.1

Welcome to Coswars

Coswars is a space strategy game with hundreds of players playing together at the same time trying to be the best. Everything what you need to the play is a Standard Browser.


Server rates:
*Game Speed:;
*Resource production speed:;
*Fleet speed: 100x;
*Fleet debris: 80%;
*Defence debris: 40%
*Colonies you can get without research: 9;
*To get more colonies you have to develop Expedition(Astrophysics) research;
*Maximum colonies with astrophysics research: 20(You can get few more from Purchase Planet.)
*Minimum Vacation time: 3 days;
*If your roommate or buddy is playing with the same IP as you, you have to ask for premision to Admin. Otherwise all the same IP accounts will be banned.
*The maximum number of galaxies is 9/400/20.
*Each registered player will be credited with dark matter upon registration of 1,000,000x.
*Noob protection ends at points. It means that after this there aren't anymore strong players all above you are attackable.

The game is open 21.04.2018
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